About Me

About Me

I try to write, among other things.

Hello! This is my new website.

So, about me — well, you can see me at my happiest in this photo here. You probably notice more how big Shaq’s hand is though.

I’m planning on posting blogs here at least semi-regularly, and probably publish some poems or short stories on here. I got a lot of things in the works — there’s a novel I’ve been working on for some time now, there’s video content I’ve been thinking about making, maybe some music with some of my more musically-inclined friends, a Twitter Bot I’ve been brainstorming. So yeah, a lot in the works.

I’d thought I’d have more time to do things like this since I just graduated, but now I’m working as a content writer for an advertising company called Iron Roots and I’m working on advertising and social media for a small business in Chama, NM. Taking a series of online courses too, so prioritizing is a bit difficult.

Also, I’ve recently gotten into online chess — find me @lookformichael on lichess.org.

Future updates coming soon!